What is Early American decor?

colonial early american

Think about the time period when the Early American war was actively being fought.

Early American or Colonial furniture and decor, was more 'useful' than just visually appealing. It may have crossed the ocean with the family sailing to the 'new world'. Or they may have had a cabinetmaker build what they needed after their arrival. Furniture would have been sparse. They would not have had much decor (ie: clutter in today's world). And the decor, would have needed to be useful as well. 

Early American decor, blends very well with the Primitive Country decor, and the two styles can convey a time period story, and ambience, that will make you feel you’ve stepped into the 1700’s.

Loomed textiles, candle lighting, desktop vignettes, elegant stem ware, graceful window coverings….all lend the Early American period look to your home.

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