Why is the pineapple used as a Welcome Symbol?

pineapples welcome symbol

Quite often, the pineapple fruit came to the Colonist’s table by way of the seafaring family member, having encountered it in a tropical area of their travels.

As early as the late 1600’s, the fruit was regarded as a ‘welcome’ symbol, and often was displayed on a porch post, to let the neighbors know that the seafarer had returned safely home, and they were welcoming others to festivities that would occur.

Pineapples are sweet and have such an unusual appearance, that colonists took note when they were served the fruit as a guest in a Colonial home.

Today, we use pineapples in the decor, most often during the holidays, but year round display is very much accepted as well.

Centerpieces, door wreaths, fabrics with pineapple motifs, and more, will help you bring the early day sentiments of 'welcome', when displaying the pineapple, to your home.

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