Announcement on Retirement


Farmhouse Primitives started selling online in 2001.
You will laugh, but in the beginning,
we had a 'dedicated closet for the office space'.
Hubby was a bit shaky on the wife making a living with the website, after all it was only 2001, and websites were still somewhat new for retailers. But by 2007, when the Indianapolis IN, Navistar plant, closed it's doors where my husband was a skilled trade worker, this website carried our family thru with income.
And from that point, we never looked back.

We have enjoyed the business, and the friendships created over the years.
But now, being in our 70's, we have made the decision to step back, and become the 'shopper' instead of the 'retailer'.
The website is being handed over to our son, Kevin,
a Veteran of the U.S. Army.
He and his family live in the great state of TX.

We will be discounting our remaining inventory.
Periodically, we will increase our discounts, to find homes for our remaining inventory products,
but keep in mind, there are limited quantities on all products, so shop early.
These items will not be reordered under our ownership.
(goodness that sounds strange after spending 15 years in a physical shoppe,
and after that another 23 years online!)

We sincerely THANK YOU for the business you have sent our way. And we wish you many happy shopping days with the new owner.
The Barnes'




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